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Three Kingdoms
The Soul exists in three kingdoms: Shiang Tian, Chi Tian, and Li Tian.

Shiang Tian, the third kingdom in which we live, is a three dimensional world. Although not ordinarily visible, spirits exist inside the bodies of all animals.

Shian Tian is a world of balance in which there are days and nights, men and women, right and wrong, yin and yang. Everything is relative and changing according to the laws of time with a beginning and an ending to everything. Nothing is eternal in this kingdom. We are born into this world as babies, we grow into children, we mature, we age and then we die. The lives of plants also follow this life pattern. Plants come from seeds, become seedlings and mature into plants and trees. Even rocks disintegrate into sand. Once time is passed, it is gone, never to return again. We cannot see our actions of one year ago, one week ago or even an hour ago. Every human being and animal in this kingdom is a combination of body and soul. The separation of soul and body signals the end of this life. In this kingdom we have complete freedom of will, no matter whether it is good or bad. We can choose either, but there are consequences to all actions. Thought and memory are "gifts" to spirits in this kingdom. However, when our bodies are done with this life, grace and sin are carried to the next kingdom by the soul.

In Chi Tian, the second kingdom, exists only the spirit life. There is no material reality, but it is also a relative world. As in Shying Tian, where positive and negatives exist along with beginnings and endings. If right actions are not done in Shiang Tian, after the body dies, the soul goes to Chi Tian (this Kingdom includes Hell). This is not the place of perfect spirits, but

rather a resting place for spirits after leaving the body. When a spirit has finished its duty in Chi Tian, then it will reincarnate back into Shiang Tian. Spirits in this kingdom are to be respected but kept at a distance.

While the world within Shying Tian has three dimensions, the world within Chi Tian has at least one more. This additional dimension consists of time in which a spirit in Chi Tian can walk or access. When a spirit in Chi Tian walks on the positive time axis it is able to see into the future. When a spirit walks on the negative axis, it is able to see into the past. Therefore, all of the actions and behaviors we do and exhibit in Shying Tian, either in the present, past or future, can be observed by the spirits in Chi Tian. Consequently, we who are in Shiang Tian must be very careful in our actions and behaviors, even when we are alone. The spirit world cannot be deceived. Some trained people in Shiang Tian can freely communicate with the spirits in this Kingdom. This ability is what we term psychic power.

In Li Tian, the first kingdom, life is eternal. It is the home of the perfect spirits; it is heaven, the final destination of our soul. All spirits here are Buddha or God. This is an absolute world, there is no yin or yang, no right or wrong, no beginnings or endings. This is the home of the Mother (or Father) of our spirits, or God as Christians call it.

Since spirits arise from Li Tian, our spirits desire to return to Li Tian when we are finished with life. However, our lifestyles in Shiang Tian tarnish the spirit. In order to return to Li Tian, our spirits must be purified before they can return. The purification is accomplished through a series of reincarnations from Shiang Tian to Chi Tian. When all the spiritual debts are repaid and Tao is properly practiced and completed, only then can the soul can find its way back to Li Tian, the source.