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In this three-dimensional world, we are able to see mountains, and bodies of water. We are also able to see vegetations, and animals--including human beings around us. Aside from the world that we are able to see, there are dimensions and worlds that we usually are not able to see. One of these worlds is the spiritual world. The spiritual world corresponds/provides proof to the teachings from different religions. We must follow our conscience, or our buddha's hearts, or original state of mind, when making decisions.(also when interacting with others) during our living years. When we are done with our destiny one day, hopefully we will be able to go to the right place. Buddhism refers to this place as The Place of Ultimate Happiness.

Catholicism refers to this place as Heaven. Although referred differently, it is the same place/world that is being referred.

Knowing that all of us would like to go

back to that right place, the most important question becomes what we should do so that we are able to go there when the time comes.

At this website, we focus on spreading the teachings of I-Guan-Tao. We can find the answers to the meaning of life here. If we are persistent and encourage one another in the process, the clouds over us would dissipate and the warmth & light of the sun would shine through someday.








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