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The Five Human Relationships
Human beings are social animals. We live together with our family members and other relatives. We socialize with our neighbors and friends. We work together with our colleagues. These relationships can be classified into five categories that have never changed since the beginning of human history.

1. Leader and subject relationships.

The leaders are the ones who give orders. They should lead their people in polite, courteous, and respectful ways. The subjects, or the followers, are the ones who execute the orders, and the orders should be executed with loyalty.

In the old times, the leader was the King or Emperor who had the power to run the country. His subjects were all the people who lived in his country. Today, we have a mayor as the leader of a city, a governor as the leader of a state, and a president as the leader of the whole country. The rest of us are their followers.

In a company, the manager or the president is the leader, while the rest of the employees are the followers.

Whether he is a government officer or a manager, the leader should assign work that is suitable for his subject's abilities, give him proper compensation, care for him when he is in ill health, share pleasant things with him, and give him needed rest. A subject, when executing his orders or duties, should always be honest and take pains to do his work well.

2. Parent and child relationships.

When we are born, we immediately have a father and a mother . No one came to this world without parents.

A child should honor his parents and respectfully listen to their teachings. He should treat his parents with filial respect and care for his elderly parents when needed. Naturally, parents love their children. Even wild animals, like tigers or lions, can be very mean to other animals, yet they would not hurt their offspring. They love them, protect them, and offer the best food they can find to their young. Parents should treat their children as tigers or lions do to their young. In addition, parents should set a good example of good deeds and educate their children so they grow up in the right path. 3. Husband and wife relationships.

When we grow up, we will choose someone to love and eventually to marry. This is a very special relationship. A man and a woman raised in different families, become husband and wife through marriage. They build a family and become the center of this family.

Husband and wife should treat each other with love, respect, and fidelity. They share all the happiness and sorrow which that to their family.

4. Sibling relationships.

Siblings come from the same parents. They grow up together so they know one another best. The younger ones respect and honor the elder ones. The elder ones should take good care of and protect the younger ones.

5. Friendship relationships.

When we meet someone and become acquainted, we eventually become friends. Friends should be faithful and show mutual sympathy to one another, each supplying what the other lacks to benefit the other. When friends are in the wrong, we should sincerely tell them to keep them from falling into evil ways. Hopefully, they would come back to the right track. If our friend had some misfortune, we should give him a helping hand, and even support his family if possible.