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Bird Nest Master

When Buddha looks at the world, he sees people who have lost direction. These people are interested only in acquiring material possessions and raising their social positions and have forgotten their spiritual world, Li Tian. In this world, these people continue to reincarnate and cannot return to Li Tian. As a result, Buddha sent two Buddha to earth to save the spirits of these people. One of these Buddha was born into the Bai family and was named Bai Le Tian. The second Buddha was born into the Ma family and was named Ma Tian Zhang. Since these two people were both Buddha, both were born into well-to-do families and were very intelligent. They both passed their government examinations and became high ranking officers.

In his position, Ma Tian Zhang had many opportunities to study Buddha's teachings. He understood the main purpose of human life and that human life is constantly changing. Consequently, he quit his government job and went to a temple to practice Tao. One day, he finished his duties in this world and passed away. His spirit returned to Li Tian to be with Buddha. Buddha told him, "You went to earth and returned without saving any spirits. Plus, your brother, Bai Le Tian is still there and is enjoying his life and power so much that he may possibly not be able to return to Li Tian. What should you do? You must quickly return to save Bai Le Tian so that he can return to Li Tian." Ma Tian Zhang listened and felt disgraceful that he didn't save any spirits and may now lose his brother. However, he did not know what he could do to save him.

Bai Le Tian was already eighty years old; his time on this planet was very limited. If Ma Tian Zhang went back to earth as a human, it would take years before he would be old enough to be able to talk to Bai Le Tian.

Ma Tian Zhang pondered over this dilemma and could not think of any ideas. Suddenly, he saw a bird nest. The mother bird was sitting on her eggs. Ma Tian Zhang decided to return to life as a bird. After the eggs hatched, he became an adult bird within a few weeks. All day, he taught people the teachings of Buddhism and he tried to teach people to do good. When people returned to Ma Tian Zhang, they called him the Bird Nest Master.

One day, Bai Le Tian was riding a horse and he passed a huge gathering of people below a tree. He sent one of his men to

see what was going on. He realized that the Bird Nest Master was teaching Buddhism to the people. Bai Le Tian rode over to the tree and asked the Bird Nest Master, "What is Tao?" The Bird Nest Master told him, "Do only good deeds and don't do any bad." Bai Le Tian said, "What is so special about that? Even a three year old child can say that!" The Bird Nest Master said, "Yes, even a three year old child can say this but an eighty year old man can not follow this." Bai Le Tian said, "You live in such a high tree, a very dangerous situation. What would you do if you fell down?" The Bird Nest Master said, "Even though this tree is so high and looks dangerous, all day there is the wind, sun, and moon that make each day wonderful. My days are so enjoyable and relaxing, unlike your days. Each day, you must accompany the emperor which is very much like being with a tiger or a wolf. Any time, depending on the emperor's wishes, your life may be in jeopardy. In addition, every morning you need to report to the palace and you are busy from morning to night. All your life, you are constantly busy. What do you gain? Now, as a high ranking officer, no one dares to criticize you. Yet, behind your back there is much talking going on. Although your family live and eat well, there must be many people who dislike you. Despite all the things you have done, do you know how history will remember you?"

Ma Tian Zhang's words woke up Bai Le Tian and made him realize that life constantly changes and what has passed cannot be changed. Bai Le Tian realized that when he passes away, his spirit will carry all the things, good and bad, that he did into his next life. As a result, he would enter the reincarnation cycle. Consequently, Bai Le Tian left his family and gave up his worldly possessions and went to practice Tao with the Bird Nest Master.

This is only a story. It is not important whether there was a Bird Nest Master or not. The importance of this story is "Are we Bai Le Tian or Ma Tian Zhang?" Have we forgotten our duties in this earth? All of us originally came from Li Tian and used to be Buddha. Then once we came to this earth, we became lost in all our material possessions. Now we are in the reincarnation cycle. In the Red Period, if we wanted to practice Tao, we had to leave our families. In order to be a monk, we had to go to a temple to practice Tao while at the same time, make sure that our family is cared for. Since not everyone had a solution, not everyone could easily practice Tao. Now it is the White Period and Tao is so accessible that we can practice it at home. We are so fortunate to be living in this period of time. Fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters can all practice Tao together at home. Husbands and wives can share one purpose and make their families harmonious. Isn't this what everyone would want in their families?