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No Sickness
People who join a monastery do not get sick often. In other words, people who practice Tao do not easily get sick. From a different point of view, if someone who practices Tao gets sick often, one should reflect on what one has been doing wrong in the process of the practice of Tao.
Dr. Ray, of the Glass Ray Healing Center, has a valid and reasonable view on physical, mental and spiritual health. Dr. Ray believes that physical, mental and spiritual health of the body would all need to be achieved before the whole body can attain the state of being healthy.
As people who practice Tao, we do not emphasize on eating particular cuisines or style of cooking. Instead, we eat vegetarian food that is natural and rudimentary. In the view of the present day medicine, it is the healthiest eating style.
As people who practice Tao, we should not yearn for, focus less on, and fight over the material things in life. If we know that we have only done right, we should not feel afraid of being alone in the dark. According to a 1996 study by the Indiana University Psychology Department,
26 percent of Americans had felt an impending nervous breakdown, up from 19 percent in 1957. Why would more than one in four persons in America, the world richest country, have a psychological disorder? The explanation is that people tend to yearn for material things and are not able to see past these desires. As a result, their spirits do not have a sense of direction in life. Therefore, the spirit becomes sick.
As people who practice Tao, we should not create grief with others. Instead, we should make decisions based on a merciful heart, and treat others with a forgiving heart. The result is that we would not be creating additional grief with others. Even if we do have grief with others from our past lives, we would be able to repay, or lessen, the grief through practicing Tao and doing good things.
People who practice Tao are healthy in all three aspects--body, mind, and soul. Therefore, people who practice Tao would only be sick very seldom, wouldnˇ¦t you agree?