Three Periods
The history of humankind can be divided into three periods.

1. Blue Period: This period is the time spanning from the time of Fu-Se, about 5 thousand years ago, to the Chou dynasty of China which dates back about 2,500 years ago. In this period, Ryan Dung Buddha was in charge of Tao. Only the top government officers had the opportunity to practice Tao. Back then, the only way to practice Tao was to leave your family, give up your position in society and retreat to a remote area to purify your mind. Furthermore, you had to first practice Tao and completely purify yourself before your masters could pass the meaning of Tao to you. This process meant that you had to practice Tao before you knew exactly what Tao meant. Therefore, people had to undergo a difficult challenge to gain the meaning of Tao.
2. Red Period: The period from the Chou dynasty of China to the turn of the twentieth century is called the Red Period. In this period, Shakyamuni Buddha was in charge of Tao. Tao fell on the knowledgeable people and only those people could practice Tao. The ways and the characteristics of practicing Tao were similar to those in the Blue Period. It was also difficult to gain Tao.

3. White Period: The turn of the twentieth century marked the beginning of the White Period. Tian Ran Buddha was in charge of Tao. Now, Tao is for every one of us as long as we are willing to accept and practice it. Moreover, we do not have to leave the family or give up all of our material possessions. Plus, we can practice Tao at home. Unlike the previous two periods, in this third period, we gain Tao from Tian Ran Buddha, and then practice Tao according to his teaching. Therefore, all of us could become Buddha, if we have the confidence and persistence to practice Tao.