What is Tao
Tao is the truth of the universe. It is the law of nature.

The Earth is round like a ball and revolves around the sun. Every year it revolves in one full circle. In addition, the earth also spins on its own axis. Every 24 hours, it revolves in one full cycle. All of this is the truth. Thus, this is Tao. On the other hand, if someone said the earth is flat or that it does not revolve, then his or her statement is not Tao.

Seeds germinate and grow into plants. Under suitable conditions, the seeds absorb water and nutrition from the soil and energy from the sun to grow, blossom, and produce other seeds. These are all truths. Therefore, this is also Tao. Anything against the truth is not Tao.

From the time that we are born, our bodies age from childhood to adulthood and then to old age. This is truth and thus, it is Tao. People are born into society and are supposed to
obey society's laws and regulations. If people follow laws and regulations, their behavior is that according to Tao. Besides following society's rules and regulations, people also need to follow their conscience. If we do not follow our own conscience, we are also violating Tao, and therefore we must blame our own conscience.Furthermore, our soul will be responsible and will pay the price for this violation.
Our souls come from Li-Tian, which means "heaven." When our souls first came to this earth, our souls were perfect and good. This pureness, much like the pureness of Buddha's heart, is our original nature, character, and conscience. If our behavior is against our original character then we are acting against Tao. Therefore, our behavior must match the goodness of Buddha's heart and then we would be acting as we did in our original nature. This is Tao.

Since our souls come from Li-Tian, when we finish our current lives, our souls should return to Li-Tian. This is Tao, the right way. Unfortunately, our souls come to this Earth and are detoured from the right way by material items such as money and other tangible goods and also by abstract items such as greed and ambition. We then are violating our original nature and spoiling the pureness of our spirit. This violation is our sin and prevents us from returning to Li-Tian. As a result, our souls reincarnate between Chi-Tian and Shiang-Tian and lose the way to return to Li-Tian. Consequently, Tao is the road for our souls to follow to Li-Tian and is the way for our spirits to return to our original character which is that of Buddha's heart.